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Blog Mas 17: The Crazy Diaries – Different Types of Readers

This is just a little fun post with my interpretation of all the types of readers that come together on Bookstagram! 🙂

I hope you’ll have fun:

The “I love my books more than everything else”- Type

The “cozy” – Type


The “critical” – Type

The “eating, annotating and dog-earing” – Type

The “Speed Reader” – Type

The “I only read when I am concentrated” – Type

The “Fan” -Type

The “Mood Reader” – Type

The “I Read everywhere, anytime” – Type

The “Genre Reader” – Type

The “don’t interrupt me, I am reading” – Type

The “I don’t cry – you cry” – Type

The “I read them all” – Type

The “I don’t read at all” – Type

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