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The Cruel Prince Buddyread

Hello you all 🙂

When I received my copy of “The Cruel Prince” it looked so enchanting and mesmerizing to me, that I wanted it to have a special role in my life. I wanted to never forget the beautiful cover and the story that would await me. Cause I just knew I would love it!

So I searched for people on Bookstagram to join me and host a Buddy Read with me. I wanted to share this experience and try some new reading stuff out. This was my first buddy read and it was absolutely amazing. The girls that read together with me, and chatted each week, were so unique and wonderful, that I couldn’t be more grateful to have experienced this premier together with them 🙂


So here are the girls for all of you to check out 🙂

Courtney – Posey_and_print

Jasmin – Jasminslibrary

Frances – Ladybugbooks

Karina – Karibookreader

Beatrice – Aspiderpigsreading

Jen – Jenetlemonde


Below you can see the question catalogue we all answered after every 100 pages we’ve read together 🙂 Every Sunday we discussed the last 100 pages, ranted and cried about everything inside this amazing book. And through the repeating of the questions you can see how our opinions and preferences have changed and developed during the read.

At some pages I just KLNEW that the others would like to discuss them and we all had too less time to talk about every little detail, but our opinions were so different, our wishes and predictions never the same, and that made the whole story really exciting. I often played with the others predictions in my head and tried to imagine how they saw the storyline and the characters, and why my thoughts were different – and so on. It was an interesting game with a great outcome. If you want to know how we split apart in the end – and what plot twists killed us inside – scroll down and read the outcome of the game ♥ (I will also tell you how you can join the next buddy read and be welcome in our little reading Circle ♥ )

I hope you enjoy this kind of a blogpost, and please, if you’ve read the book and loved it as much as we did: Leave a comment with your opinion about it, or answer the seven questions like we did ♥


Cruel Prince question catalogue:

1. who is your favorite character?

2. Do you like the writing style?

3. What do you expect to happen?

4. What do you like the most about the book?

5. What don’t you like at all?

6. Which special quote made you think further?

7. Is there something you can’t stop thinking about from it?


Spoiler Warning – if you haven’t read the book: please be cautious 🙂

Week one:

My answer:

  1. My favorite character for now is Locke and I can’t even tell why. I guess he will be a disappointment in the end, but oh well ;D
  2. The writing style is modern but somehow ancient at the same time and I am loving that so much! It lured me into the fairy world I was not a big fan of in the past 🙂 So thumbs up
  3. I guess I am expecting Jude to be compelled by prince Dawn to do some really bad stuff, Taryn to fall in love for all the wrong reasons and with the false person. Locke to betray everyone and Vivi to leave their family. Cardan will rescue Jude from Dain and maybe slay his sisters and brothers and maybe maybe Madoc will be good in the end.
  4.  I like the most about the book, that I wasn’t always into fairies and their stories but the mixture in this book is just great. I love the “fairy Highschool” and that cardan isn’t the good, stunning guy some would expect as a main character in the beginning. I love, that Madoc isn’t real a father person or a role model but nonetheless they learn to hate and love him the same, just like real kidnapping victims sometime do
  5.  I can’t really tell what I don’t like yet but I guess it’s “the gang”
  6.  „what they don’t realize is: yes they frighten me, but I have always been scared, since the day I got here. I was raised by the man who murdered my parents, reared in a land of monsters. I live with that fear, let it settle into my bones, and ignore it“ (page 31)
  7. And I can’t stop thinking of Cardans constellations jacket! I swear I need this NOW!



  1. My favourite character at this point is Vivi. I think it’s really interesting that she’s got very different motivations and objectives to other people in the story.
  2. Getting into the writing style now but wasn’t a fan of it at the beginning. I found the modern twists a little disruptive to getting into the faerie portion of the story but I know find it seems to fit the story really well.
  3. Pretty similar thoughts to Ariana on what i think might happen next.



  1.  I don’t have a fav character so far but I kinda like Vivi and Locke but I’m a bit uneasy about Locke. 2. I love the writing style it just keeps you hooked! 3. So far I honestly can’t tell so far from what I read and there’s thing I want to say but I won’t spoil for you guys. But I’m would really like to see what happens with Jude and Prince Cardan.
  2. I love the writing style it just keeps you hooked!
  3. So far I honestly can’t tell so far from what I read and theres thing I want to say but i won’t spoil for you guys. But i would really like to see what happens with Jude and Prince Cardan
  4. I like the modern twist to the story since most fairy stories don’t do that.
  5. I really hate Cardian and his friends! That’s what I don’t like so far.
  6. I like the same quote!!! @solaire_writing.
  7. Honestly I can’t stop thinking of what Taryn said where I am in the book cause I can’t figure it out!



  1. I guess I also like Vivi as well as Locke. I *think* that I like Cardan but that might be because I’m easily caught up by dark haired and moody characters. But we will see
  2. I needed some time for the writing style to catch me but until now I really really enjoy it!
  3. I’m totally with @solaire_writing here and can’t even think of something else to add 😂 
  4. I really like this switching between the real world and the faerie realm … well, I wasn’t finished 😂 it’s funny to see how the mortals have to deal with this fantasy world while also not fitting perfectly into the mortal world
  5. While I’m somehow rooting for Cardan and Locke, I don’t really like the whole faerie gang and their bullying. Or the fact that the last Prince to the crown can obviously do what he wants without anybody standing up or interrupting. But well, I’ll guess we see how that ends. I’m also not quite good with Jude. I can’t say why, but at the moment I don’t really like her as a character.
  6. Oooh, here I also enjoy the quote you already mentioned. I dont know why but this one really stuck with me 😍 
  7. Yeah, well. Cardan again. Probably because he reminds me of other beloved character (like Rhysand or the Darkling) and because I want to see more of him. As you just said – I really love this type of character 😂😂



  1. my fave character so far is probably Locke, I’m not sure why either there is something about him I like, like when he was helping Jude after garden and Valerien tried to hurt her…
  2. I do like the writing style, it does seem quite modern – lots of new words I haven’t heard of before 🙈
  3. I just think Carden may become good in the end? I think there will be a lot of drama with Taryn as well as she doesn’t agree with what Jude is doing! I’m not sure if prince dain means well or if everything will backfire in the end…
  4. I like that Jude is a badass character and doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks about her..: I also like that the story is a fantasy story but also with modern elements as it is more relatable!
  5. does anyone else hate Nicasia!! She’s so horrible 🙈🙈 this is what I hate most is her! And also I still dislike prince Cardan the most although I have a feeling he might be different in the end…
  6. I’m not sure about the quote yet but one that I have remembered is the one we’re Mordac tells Jude she is not up for being a knight – “you’re no killer”
  7. I can’t stop thinking about the gang and the way they keep trying to hurt Jude and Taryn, specifically when Cardan and valerian pushed them in the lake! So mean!! 😩😩also horrible Nicasia


Thoughts on Cardan and Jude:

Jenetlemonde: I totally agree, I’m not ready to hate on Cardan yet because I want him to pull a Rhysand and steal my heart 😂😍

Jasminslibrary: I guess he secretly is into Jude OH YES. I mean – why else would he have “helped” her the night they were watching the stars at school? | Thinking back to all the books I have read – I really have a type and if Cardan doesn’t pull a Rhysand I’m probably going cry. Redeem yourself in some way, princeling 😂

Me: I guess he secretly is into Jude / so true!! I also have THIS TYPE and he shall pull his balls together and be a dark hero

Karibookreader: I think so too! I just think him being an ass to her is all an act but I’m not sure


Thoughts on Nicasia:

Jasminslibrary: Nicasia is the worst. Every time I read about her it makes me want to strangle her … or something less brutal probably 😂

Karibookreader: I hate Nicasia too she’s evil

Me: I keep imagining killing her with a sharp branch

Jasminslibrary: That’s better. So no one has to touch her


Week Two:

My answer:

  1. My favorite character is still Jude and a bit of Vivi 🙂
  2. The writing style gets even more enchanting and I like how involved I am as a reader
  3. I expect Locke to betray Jude, Taryn to be wed to a crazy fae, and Cardan to rescue and fall in love with Jude!
  4. The most of it I like that Jude knows that she does bad things but does them anyway, cause that’s just like life happens!
  5. Still Narcisia and I guess the one fairy prince brother (Balekin)
  6. “Ever since I staggered home through the woods in my underwear, I have been trying to feel nothing about what happened. I am afraid that if I begin to feel, I won’t be able to bear it. I am afraid that the emotion will be like a wave sucking me under” ( page 145)
  7. And I can’t stop thinking, that cardan only wrote Jude’s name because he is secretly in love with her and thinking of her while being in pain is the only thing that makes him bear it all, like she bears everything else !



  1. At this point in the story I think I’d warmed to Locke, but even more so Jude. I liked her more and more as I read.
  2. Ditto the writing style, as I sank into the story I got used to the present tense writing and I think it really works for the story.
  3. I was totally shocked by chapter 18, I won’t spoil anything but my thought when I read it was definitely ‘there’s no way Jude will get away with it’.
  4. I like the fact that I don’t really trust any of the characters …I think it keeps the story moving
  5. for worst character it was definitely Balekin



  1. my fav is still Vivi and A bit of Jude I’m kinda liking here more.
  2. I really like the writing style it keeps getting better and it just pulls you in and makes u want to keep reading.
  3. I really can’t answer that without spoiling it.
  4. I like how Jude does what she wants and doesn’t go back.
  5. I hate Balekin and these other two characters (spoilers)
  6. I really don’t have a fav quote this time around.
  7. When Jude finds the paper with her name on it. That left me like 😲😲😲😲



  1. I still like Jude as well because she is feisty and defends herself especially against cardan and valerian which is awesome.
  2. I like the writing style because it is easy to follow with a contemporary feel but I like the fantasy element and all of the different characters and their descriptions!
  3. I really want to find out who Taryn is going out with!? So secretive but I feel like that will be a twist … because no one knows who it is yet. I honestly think Jude now feels sorry for Cardan especially with what happened with Balekin!!! I guess he could like her – I’m not sure I trust Locke fully yet – but also how intriguing about those golden acorns and the messages! I just can’t wait to read more of the story! I think it is weird how Jude found that note in the random Alice in wonderland book! – I think Cardan can’t get Jude out of his head and something about her he really likes 😍 I think something else will happen with Narcisia and the story about her mum (Orlagh?) and more of the story will be revealed ! I’m really enjoying the book at the moment ☺️



  1. I am still head over heels with Vivi because this girl is literally part Faerie and could easily live among them but she just doesn’t care and I wish I had an attitude like that. I’m also getting warmer with Jude, but I’m still somehow suspicious of her – I’ll see if it gets better or worse! While I really enjoyed Locke I am now at a point where I don’t know whether I can trust him or not. Help!
  2. The writing style is still very enjoyable for me and I am sinking deeper and deeper into … Faerie because of it.
  3. The suspicion of Locke betraying everyone grows worse and I really don’t want it to happen because it would break my heart. But I simply can’t shake this feeling off. I’m also somehow thinking that Taryn might marry one of the princes – probably Dain – and I’m not sure what to think about that.
  4. Thankfully I’m getting warmer with Jude and I love how her own troubles are shown. She knows when she’s doing something wrong and she feels incredibly bad about it … (at least sometimes), but does it anyway because it has do be done. She isn’t the coldhearted girl I thought her to be and I really really love this realistic portrayal of her.
  5. While I hated Valerian – guess that problem solved itself now, oops – I still despise Nicasia and really want to see something happen to her before I can do it. This girl is so annyoing. I also don’t like Balekin very much – for obvious reasons – and I’m growing more and more suspicious of Prince Dain.
  6. “She’s looking around the forest, as though if she can prove it isn’t magic, then nothing else is, either. Which is stupid. All forests are magic.”.
  7. My mind continously wanders back to the piece of paper form Cardan with Jude’s name on it. While she thinks he did that because he hates her, I’m taking a guess at him being actually in love with her.


Week Three:

My answer:

  1. I guess my favorite character is Jude now. I liked how badass and bad in general she acted. She is no normal heroine, cause she has so many dark sides and unproper thoughts and I can’t wait for some more of her trouble.
  2. The writing style got even more fast pacing and amazing in the end. For me it was just the right amount of deceiving the reader and giving him the power of imagining his own end. All the plot twists and turns were just too great!
  3. I expect more plot twists, lies and secrets to happen in the sequel. I expect Cardan and Jude to hate and love each other, Oak to come back under terrible circumstances and an epic fight in the middle of the book about the power of the get kingdom. Maybe fights between the fey clans?
  4. The most I liked, that the book managed to totally blow me away and surprise me, cause that doesn’t happen as often as I would wish for myself!
  5. I didn’t like the lack of real love in the book… and that Cardan isn’t the bright evening star and hero I expected him to be. But well a fallen star can be exciting aswell 😉
  6. “I don’t have a lot of experience with kisses. There was Locke, and before him, no one. But kissing Locke never felt the way that kissing Cardan does, like taking a dare to run over knives, like an adrenaline strike of lightning, like the moment when you’ve swum too far out in the sea and there is no going back, only cold black water closing over your head.”
  7. The whole book man!! And that I couldn’t bear if my two cinnamon rolls won’t get a happy ending 😭



  1. My favourite character is Carden! Yep always a sucker for the traumatised, bad guy! Plus I just love all the clothes in this books especially his!
  2. I rather enjoyed the writing style! I found it captivating and it kept me reading ! Which is all I really need in a book!
  3. Lots of lies, secrets and maybe a war! Also hopefully some more hate and love between Cardan and Jude!
  4. I love it all really! Since I am a lover of fantasy this was the perfect read for me! And the world is just amazing plus I love how complex the characters are!
  5. I’m terrible at critiquing things, so I’m not really sure! Need more time to think about this one!
  6.  I loved the same one as Ariana!
  7. That Jude and Cardan end up happily together!!!



  1. In the end I loved Jude, she was so smart and strong but also really realistic in her fears.
  2. The writing style was at its best at the end of the book. The pace was fast and everything that wasn’t said kept the mystery going.
  3. I think it’s Cardan’s turn to do something unexpected at the 1 year Mark



  1. My favourite character is Cardan, because I really love troubled and wicked beings – I hope we get to see more of his character development in the next book 😆
  2. I really loved the writing style until the end and couldn’t out the book down 🙊 
  3. I hope for more wickedness and plot twists (like the one at the end of the book 🤣) in the next book as well as soooome romance between Cardan and Jude 😏 
  4. I really loved how the ending was absolutely unexpected and still the story gripped me until the last page. It was definitely a great read with lots of character development, that I didn’t see was coming. All in all the story was simply amazing!
  5. As I feared I really hate Locke now, but I can’t stand Taryn as well. She’s too desperate to fit in for my liking and I fear that she will be causing some trouble in book 2 😓 
  6. Oooh, same quote as Ariana and Courtney here 😏 
  7. I really REALLY need the sequel like right now. I can’t wait …… for so long 😭😭 



  1. My fav character is still Jude cause she’s badass but I also ended up liking Cardan also
  2. I liked the writing style it kept me hooked to the book.
  3. I hope to see what happens to Cardan and Jude but I also would like to see more romance!
  4. THE ENDING!!! I LOVED IT!!! I really didn’t see that coming!
  5. Locke and Taryn especially Taryn!!! I really didn’t like what she did to her sister.
  6.  Same as Ariana and Courtney.



After four weeks of reading with these amazing girls, we had a surprising outcome: We want to start another Buddy Read on 8th April with “The Hazelwood” by Melissa Albert 🙂 We loved to discuss and rant with each other and can’t wait to start another round!


Paperback Edition “The Hazelwood:     Buy me here

Hardback Edition “The Hazelwood” :    Buy me here


So if you plan to read the book too and loved this little post – then leave a comment and join us! !

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