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Hey you guys!

You probably haven’t seen it yet, but there is a new blog section in town! Regarding all the E-Galleys I review lately, I thought they deserve their own corner here on my blog 🙂

It won’t contain as much information to the books as in my usual reviews, but only the synopsis, my opinion, a little rating and the main information about the book, like author name and page count. We all scroll through books on book depository or amazon daily and probably also try to find out if we really want a book or only if the rating on this particular book is even true or paid for. (I can’t believe that some books I hate really have so many good and honest reviews ;D ) So I thought whenever you have an upcoming book wish, you can just head over to this little section and find out, if I’ve read this book and what I thought about it. Even when publishers grant me a free Arc copy or just a review copy, I’ll always tell you my honest opinion about it!

This section will also be bilingual, which means some of these books I’ve read in German and others in English, but I’ll try to always contain both covers, so you can at least see which rating the book got from me, even when you don’t speak the particular language 🙂

So if you are interested in for example books like “This Mortal Coil”, “Circe” or “Rough Animals”, this is the right page for you ♥ There are poetry books, Young Adult Fantasy, Science Fiction and New Adult. Really everything she heart can wish for, and the section will be actualized with every book I read 😉



to read all these little reviews: CLICK HERE



have fun reading 


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