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Thank you for working your way to my blog, I`d love to read and review your books and e-books. If you want to know how I am working, feel free to read my review policy below and if you like what you see just send me an email at  or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to tell me about your book!  I will text you back as soon as possible!


Thank you for wanting to work with me! If you are looking forward to collaborate with me in a partnership feel free to email me at or use the contact form at the bottom of this page with some information about your products on what you’re looking for in the collaboration and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Book Review Policy

Hello, and thank you for your interest in my book blog and reviews! I’m Ariana the reviewer behind Solaires Stories and I am on a magical journey of reading and reviewing books!

If you are interested in requesting a review super!

Here are a few things I look for when reviewing a book:

General Information:

I am currently not accepting Audio Books at this time. I am open to receiving print ARCs or finished copies as well as, digital reads through Kindle.

Emails can be sent to:

*Please Note: Any ARC’s received will be priority.


I would be more than happy to read books from most genres as long as I feel an interest towards the story.

A few genres I read the most from would be:

  • Young Adult
  • New Adult
  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy/ Romance Combo
  • Romance

The few Genres that I will respectfully decline:

  • Non-Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Overly Political Books


In my reviews I like to focus on all aspects of the novel- the writing, plot, characters and character development as well as my overall opinion and feeling of the book as a whole. Each review will be fair and honest. I like to keep my reviews as positive as possible but I will also touch on the things I did not like about the story as well.

With that being said, on the occasion that I find I did not like the book or did not finish the book I aim to explain my reasoning’s behind why that is so. These reviews will in no way reflect negatively on the author in a harsh or critical manor. These types of reviews will remain honest to my feelings but will not tear the book apart for being something I personally did not enjoy.

Review Structure:



My Personalized Review (What I felt about the book.)

Book stats: (Title, author, publisher, page count, release date, series status)

Star Rating System:


“Top Shelf” A Book that I really enjoyed and could own multiple copies of. The story was well written, I found the plot to keep me interested and the characters developed well throughout the book. I usually find myself fangirl for a decade with 5 star books.


I highly enjoyed this book! It was really well written and I found myself not wanting to put it down. It just wasn’t “Top Shelf” material.


A good rating. Its “above average” I enjoyed the plot and the characters but nothing major popped out to make this book extremely special to me.


Enough things in the book that I did not like, made it harder to fully enjoy the book.


I did not like this book at all, I couldn’t connect well with the characters and the plot just didn’t excite me the way I had hoped.

Review Posting Timeline:

There is no set schedule that my reviews are posted but will assure you that I will read and review in a timely fashion. You may also request the time frame you would like the review to be posted within but please provide me the book in enough advancement that I can comply to your request.

ARC Timeline:

As stated earlier, ARC requests will take priority over already released titles. When reading and reviewing ARCs I will keep in regard to when the book is supposed to release and be sure my review has been completed before that time frame. I prefer to receive ARC copies in enough advancement that I will have the proper time to read and prepare the review before the date of the books release.

Interested in what you read above?  Want me to review your book? Excellent!

Send me an email at:

I look forward to begin this adventure with you!

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