solaires stories #1

Solaires Stories #1 – my facial routine and what birth control has to do with it

Solaires Stories #1 – Many of you have asked why coming off the pill has influenced my whole life and I am about to tell you about it!

Solaires Stories #1

This topic shall start as a whole new blog series in 2019 where I’ll talk about my personal life, my changes and life improvements. I will talk about mind, body and lifestyle. I can’t wait to start into this new blogging chapter with you all!

We have to start at the beginning. Like right at the very start when I was sweet 16. It all started when my dad had to bring me to the emergency room, because my period cramps were that hard, that I couldn’t stand or walk anymore and cried for hours. He was helpless and brought me to the hospital. There the gynecologist decided that I should take the pill to get better. You can bet that my turkish father wasn’t super stoked with this fact, but nonetheless he waited in the hospital with me for my pain medicine to run into my veins.

What shall I say? The pill (aka the most used birth control remedy worldwide) is a monster? That it is poison?

Decide that after you’ve read it for yourself.

It is no secret that more and more young women see the after effects of taking the pill for years and decided to stop taking it. But Millions more are still using it for the birth control, or to get better skin, to get their weight under control and so on and so on.

I gained about 15 kilos when I started taking the pill and my whole body changed in the time of only a few month. But my real story begins circa two years after I took my first pill. I had an inflammation of the bladder every few weeks, until it became chronically. I had to take antibiotics, which should had helped my body, for circa four month a year. (All the colder month) for 5 years in a row. Then there were my mood swings, the bad thoughts and a general kind of unhappiness. (which I still feel often today and may not have been cause by the pill but who knows? There are reported cases of depressions caused by the pill). Then after circa 3 years the doctors (my 6th doctor in a row back then) found a little kidney stone in combination with a chronical pyelitis ( a inflammation of the kidney). The problem was, that my body and immune system was so weak from all the antibiotics, that I also got every other illness. Back then I had the flu regularly. I was weak in body and mind and always ill. In the end I couldn’t go out anymore (or maybe I didn’t want to?), because I was so afraid of getting ill again.

I nearly lost my job because of that.

I was ill every few weeks. And I had no money, because I couldn’t work properly and my boss was angry with me for often coming to work ill. My relationship broke because I couldn’t still his needs. (I know now what an unhealthy and abusive relationship I was in). After the fifth year with antibiotics started and even the special doctor for bladder inflammations and dysfunctions couldn’t help me, and everyone said it couldn’t have anything to do with the pill or my lifestyle, I’ve decided to stop taking anything.

Which means I’ve stopped taking my medicine. I’ve stopped taking the pill. I’ve stopped taking everything and focused on balancing my immune system.

You have to listen to your body and not always the doctors. Sure they’ve got a diploma and they are trained to help you, BUT often they only see the overall impression and don’t try to find what causes your illness, and only try to suppress the symptoms, which is always wrong!! Your body knows itself better than any doctor could.

facial routine

The skin story

My skin got pretty bad. I never had problems with acne or red spots, but I got them all over my face and décolleté when I stopped taking the pill. But all the inflammations in my body also stopped. Like immediately. Ive only had two inflammations in my body since the day I’ve stopped taking the pill. It has been five years now. Five years of being healthy. But my skin is different now.

Maybe it always was like that, but the pill and all its “good” ingredients have suppressed the “normal” puberty my skin should go through, but I had to make a decision. Being all over healthy, but having problems with my skin or being that ill again, which would change my life into the worse again.

I’ve decided to work on my skin in a different way and never take the pill again. (You’ll probably want to know now for which birth control version I’ve decided in the end – later more on that) First I used all the aggressive skin care products from the apothecary. In the end I found out (Or I thought I had), that products from the label “Vichy” helped me. But I couldn’t wear make up anymore, because my skin got super dry and still oily.

The same day I tried to live more minimalistic, cruelty free and sustainable I stopped using all of these products.

First I used only water and coconut oil. It really was better! But sometimes I still got break outs and red spots. Then I started using products from “Lush”.

My Daily Routine

I use the mask “Mask of magnanimity” every few days and it does wonders to my skin! It erases all the dry skin flakes and makes the red spots disappear. Then I use the “Enzymion” cream, but to be honest I dont see much improvement from that one. For washing my face I use a naked soap named “Fresh Farmacy“, which is also very nice, but my skin is a bit too dry afterwards. So I use a naked oil bar every night before I go to bed and that one really really helps to balance my skin and smells super nice. Its name is “Argan“.

This is no advertisement in any way, just a list of products I use. My skin got better, but it isn’t perfect for now. I’ll keep you updated about the products I test from lush, but I think I’ll only use their stuff from now one, because in the end it’s a sustainable and cruelty free brand.

My skin isn’t great now. I guess it’s pretty normal, because I see a lot of women having the same skin as I have. Maybe the “right” skin wasn’t the nearly perfect one I had while pumping my body full of hormones with the pill, but this one I am having now. It get’s better day by day.

The Birth Control problem

Well there is still the problem with the biggest part of taking the pill right? The birth control. Well after some time I decided to let a doctor make a mini surgery on my body. There are copper spirals they can put into your uterus – without any hormones! The sperms will die on contact with the copper. It has been a year now since the surgery and I feel good. The spiral isn’t moving, my period sure comes a bit uneven and a little harder, but in my opinion its worth it.

We all should be more aware of what our body needs and getting your period (and the pain and problems coming with it) is absolutely normal. That doesn’t mean this is the right decision for everyone and I am no doctor to talk about anyone else problems.

But whenever I talk to young women still taking the pill I realize: A lot of young women have problems with it and don’t even realize it. They gain weight, get depressive, get cysts or illnesses like I did. I dont say stop taking it immediately – but maybe think about the alternatives, and how many chemical hormones your body gets pushed on every day, no matter that it has its own healthy hormones.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk 😀 I know it escalated a bit, but I think it is really important to talk about this! If you have any specific questions just leave a comment and I’ll come back to you! 🙂

I can’t wait to write down more Stories like this Solaires Stories #1 post for you all!

Love you all


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