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My poetry means a lot to me, because it comes from my inner depths and I hope to inspire and help some people with my work. I am really happy if you like my poems, so feel free to spread or repost them, but make sure to tag my website or my Instagram account in it, because it hurts when someone steals your soul :))

Enjoy this art of mine.


No One

no one will drown me

neither you, nor your pain

I will rise

rise against the dark

and I will shine, like a fallen star

exploding in flames and layers of strength

which had rescued me from your presence

of damned souls.

I am the flame consuming

your rotten darkness

and building a world

of light and love again



the disease

sometimes I wish

love could be a disease

so I could be healed

from this never ending pain

of passing memories

and stolen kisses.




if she is darkness

I will love the night,

the stars

and the moon and nothing less 

till I drown myself in 

dark eternity




kissing you

ever felt like

devouring the wild sea

and a bunch of stars

and touching

the whole universe with my soul

I devoured you

in love

and you shattered me

into thousand pieces

of stardust.



universe of stars and hopes

and it was in your eyes

where I found a world born

out of stars and moonlight

and a whole new 





layers of love

I found hope and layers of strength

wrapped around your heart

and played out on your hands,

to hold me warm and tight

to you and 

your beautiful soul.


words are weapons

some words 

can save your life

you must form the letters

spill out the pain

and cry some tears

to let go of the things

whose can change your life forever.



out there

I am looking for you out there

 every day

feeling fear and pain,

desire and love

all the same

since you left me.



like the stars and the night

I love this miserable man

with his messy hair

his head in the sky

and his heart on his tongue

like the stars must

love the night sky.

because without him 

I would never rise against.



not enough space

Sometimes I lost myself

thinking about us

world too big for our love

and anyway too small

for our pain



The love is an ocean

Our love was like waves





and it took too much from us

and splattered our love

around the whole world

to suffer with us




universe exploding

I need someone

who loves me for 

what I’ve survived

not what I’ve lost

who thinks I am brave

not broken

who sees my soul 

lit up like a universe and my thoughts 

dark as the nightsky

and loves me anyway.




the wind and the sand

I am the thunderstorm

 and you are the desert

swirling around me

in thousand pieces

multiplying my force

and dying with me

and our unique love.



disturbing universe

Even if I could 

touch the stars

I’d rather touch your gentle

heart and your

sparkling soul

because they are 

the only universe

I’ll love forever




I will not settle

for anything less

than a fire

roaring in me

and a whole

nightsky of desire



the rescue

destroy me

before the wildness of love

rips out 

my heart

and sets free

the beast I am inside



cut me

I am not afraid

to cut me 

on your edges

to pull closer

until I bleed

into nothingness and 

all embracing love



the butcher and the lover

He’s my butcher

and I knew

I knew.

Instead of running 

I leaned into him

the gentle hands

the devouring mouth

the sudden pain


to just be loved

by him once.




warrior of my soul

demons crawl into my thoughts

and only the

memories of you

keep them away

keep them at bay

rescuing me

and fighting the shadows of loss




the passion of dreams

chasing the dream

you once were

like hunting stars

and hoping

you will be the

brightest of them all

so I can’t burn you

with my passion



singer of shadows 


you called me

because of

the darkness in my heart


the black universe

in my eyes



warrior of love 

I am a weapon

eyes like a blizzard

darkness in my heart

words like knives

and a soul of

a long lost warrior

called love.

fear me,

because I will destroy you.




my power swirling

on your skin

like moonlight

shines my way

through night and death

like this little sparkle

of a dying star

shows you how infinite

the night sky is.




step by step

I climb the mountain

breath like death and

mind like steel

I will reach for you

no matter what

I’ll lose for that.

Ice slices through my veins

like your words did

when you left me 





let me be the blood

in your veins

the breath in your lungs

and the sparkle in your eyes

because I can’t remember

how it feels to be 

the roaring storm

I was once.





I will rise

like the burning sun

destroying all you love

taking all you need

left in the ashes

of my broken world

you never knew

I will become the phoenix

you will fear forever.




worlds within words

books are my shelter

the worlds within words

sparks of my fire

spread a thousandfold

home of my soul

like stars in a nightsky

and love of my very heart





I am the warbringer

goddess of centuries

death incarnate

a woman in charge

someone to be feared

and loved the same.




creatures like you

you accuse me

to feel less than others

to be cruel and cold hearted

but I feel more than I should

dying a thousand deaths

and trying to hide it 

from creatures like you

using the flaw of a big heart

to hurt me





I am the space

between the stars

giving you light

I am the dark side of the ocean

showing you the beauty of the wild

and I gonna be the hurricane

the goddess of destruction 

if you ever try to break me

I will be your ruin 

I promise




overtime I imagine a soul

I see burning light

dulled by the creatures

called human

and shining anyway

through the mist of hurt.




being human

It should be okay

to not be happy

it should be alright

to suffer

to show emotions

it is what makes

me human 

(the only sign

my heart is alive)




pain inside my chest

I wish my tears could be

as ruby red

as blood

so it would be visible

how much it hurts inside me




I knew

It was

when I kissed the scars

on your hips

when I knew I loved you

 and it was

when I looked at the scars on my soul and heart

when I knew

I had to leave you

to rescue me




break out

I kissed the scars on your skin,

where your beautiful soul tried so desperately

to break out of

this weak human body




dig our grave

I made a mess of us

digging a grave

 to lay in

after I loved you

 and you left me 





if love is a drug

I am an addict

tumbling in the

sparkling darkness

and dying of an overdose



moon and sun

I am the night 

the moon

and the darkness

I will find you

and you will burn brighter

like the sun

and dying just like her



screaming your name

I feel better lately

but what is left

is this hollow feeling

taunting me

the black hole in my chest

sucking the happiness out of me

screaming your name





she was a beautiful mess

full of chaos and destruction

wild like an animal

angry like a wildfire

rarer than diamonds

but as sharp as one





she was the most beautiful

deadliest weapon I knew

(and they called her love)





I just want to see

you again once

looking at your black eyes

mirroring my reflection

of a strong woman

alive after you

a warrior

winning every war

with a delighted roar

with herself and after

what you did to her.





I dream about your hands

lingering on my skin

your lips on my throat

your soul entwined with mine

but when I wake up

there are just black shadows and smoke

building your shadow





I saw the reflection

of myself, my soul, the past

in your shimmering eyes

and I hated what I saw

so I walked away

and never looked back

into the abysses

of me and you

and our personal hell.




my burning man

I saw the lighting slashing the clouds

and heard the rumbling thunder

awaking what i waited for

this man burning like a blizzard

walking out of the darkness

embracing me so kind and whispering

“your are the darkness to my light

the calm to my fury

my salvation on earth”




dark knight

I hid myself from you

the furies and hate

the agony and pain

the broken, dark places in me.

But I learned you were a boy

who loved the nightsky

because of eternity not of the smiling moon

but the understanding of your sadness in a dark night.





explore me like your wildest dreams

curious and full of passion

go forward into the deepest mountains

to embrace my nightmares and

the holes in your memory of me,

your glorious never ending pain of

forgetting what we could have been.

souls embracing

living feels like

the slightest breathe of you

on my neck, my soft spot

your lips on my wilting soul

and your mind embrace my cruel thoughts

me, the fire inside

You could have been a holy summer meadow

but when you wanted me so desperately

in your field, you forgot,

I am the roaring fire

taking everything i love

with me into ashes and scattering smoke 

of a war neither of us will win

broken things

You suffocated me

murdered my flame , my spirit and heat

leaving only shadows and darkness

broken me 

you liked it more this way

you ever liked collecting shattered things 

and put them together

I am a thousand pieces of my scattered soul

away with the last blows of my spirit


try to flee your desire

and it will catch you

like the shark the seal

bloody, but definetly


my fingertips

explore the scars

on your skin

the promise you made for us

for me





feel more

It is good to be too soft

because it means

you have a heart left

to feel anything

broken or not

broken future

I am not broken at all

just stitched together

from hope and fury

night skies of stars and eternal darkness

filled with dreams and nightmares and the knowledge,

that both of them will come true

to build the human

I must be to live the future

projected for me



my own world

There you are

my one and only

lurking in the darkness 

of my soul

and weaving a net of starlight into it

to make it easier  for me

to see the beauty of the world




saying goodbye

give us the opportunity

to meet again

in the rose shadows of dawn

and fall in love

over and over again

just to say goodbye

over and over again

my soul welcomed yours

like the suns the moons

we barely touched 

and left each other behind





I never expected you

to be the vessel for my pain

but there you were

stunning like a field of flying flowers

and gentle like an ocean breeze

taking my pain away

leaving just the beautiful memories

of me and you





how often can we break,

without being broken

tears spreading into 

happy cruel smiles

dreams becoming daylight nightmares

and I fight

fight so hard

to don’t let the hard days win.




lovely hell

falling in love is like hell

tumbling down into the darkness of the abyss

surrounded by fire of the starlight 

and burning just like them

will nothing is left

than the ashes,

of who you were.




loss of dragons

I’d rather burn, than feel this

this loss of me,

of the dragons in me 

dreams in my mind

and glass in my heart




gods of color

the colorful shadows of you

following me

surrounding the goddess I am

in silk made of nightmares and pain

ready to fall

for the future of

losing myself again




hateful love

I see your lips in him

a shadow of you

and your soul entwined with mine

projecting everything I hated

but loved so fucking much

in him

who could be all

or too much you

in one split second?




black fires everywhere

black flames lurking around us

cornering us into this space,

where your hands touch my soul

and your kind lips

love my skin




cry me a river


cry a river of sorrow

and let follow

your sparkling laugh

to let everyone know

you survived that nightmare of yours

braver than ever





crawling out of the darkness

the abysses of your past

you cruel cruel thing

you brave brave warrior

fighting for your nightmares

like angels for their dreams




what is right?

I don’t know how to love right

I am pain

and despair,

darkness and explosions of

sadness and need

between endless joy

and shining stars



of art

a broken heart is all

you’ll have left

to make it into art

splatter it around

like the blood and tears you shed

smear it on the floor

and show them what you’ve got left

to speak to friends of love and death





I don’t blame you

for not being the one

not for leaving me

but I hate you

for becoming my 

worst nightmare on earth.




good girl

You’d never know

what a good girl looks like

even if she would turn your life

into a hurricane of heartbeats and promises

of a better life

you prefer hell

cause you know how to live 

in the ice abysses of a hopeless


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