How to get Review Copies

How to get Review Copies – Part 2

How to get Review Copies from the Publishers – A detailed guide 

Well after you all seemed super interested in my general guide about which publishers give away review copies and how you get them, I thought I’d dive deeper into this topic!

I still get a lot of messages like:

„What should I write into my Netgalley Profile?“
„How do I introduce myself to the publishers without seeming greedy?“
„Why don’t they give me the review copies I want?“

And I will answer all of these questions! If you have a different question just leave a comment and I’ll answer it 😊 like that everyone gets ALL the answers!

Every blogger reams about drowning in books no one else has access to yet. And guess what? This isn’t only a dream and it can come true for you too. Sure the publishers will have a look at your social media accounts and blogs and will check how many followers you have. And no offense but if you only have twenty for now, keep growing before you go this step. BUT most Publishers give away review copies to instagrammers and bloggers who have 1000 followers on ONE of their channels 🙂 So if you are already there: Be happy and read farther below.

„How should my letter/mail to the publisher look like?“

This is probably the most asked question and I can tell you all, when I started contacting the Publishers NO ONE wanted to tell me how I should write the mail to get my own review copies. Don’t ask me why but it weirded me a bit out. Some of the bloggers out there are like Smaug hoarding his gold with all the blogger “secrets”.

How to get Review Copies

Yeah but not with me for sure! I’ll give you the fully detailed answers. You only have to fill in your own informations and are ready to go 🙂 (I’ll even put the full German version below for everyone requesting in Germany, like I do!) Just search in the “newcomer” section of your chosen publishing house and pick a title you’d like to review. AFTER you’ve chosen one you write the mail like the example below:


Hello dear (Publisher) Team,

I’ve lately detected that you also have a blogger service which I really would like to join. (with which publishers are you working together for now? Tell them if it’s a big publishing house) Because I rather carry a physical copy around with me when I am driving in the underground train or at my lunch break, I’d like to ask review copies from you in the future.

My name is (name), I am (years old) and am a student/ work as a (which university are you going to? What is your job? Talk about it! A short personal story will make you more likeable and relatable 🙂 ) with a not so secret love for books. (Write especially why you love books or why they have a special meaning for you)

(Number of books you’ve read so far) read books later I am still a huge Fan and Reader. I love the genres (insert your favorites), but I also sometimes read (insert genre) or (insert genre).

I have a somehow successful instagram/ Bookstagram account with around (number) followers. You can find me under the handle (insert your instagram name) and since (month/year) i write on my blog (name the blog) which gets around (number) clicks a month from all over the world. I actualize and post (daily, weekly, monthly?) and fill it with reviews and blogposts regarding all the books and their magic and I put a lot of work and blood into it and post my thoughts and love on the blog and on (write down all the review portals you are using) regularly. I would be super happy and glad if you would like to work with me. (Maybe tell them why you could be the right choice for them)

I am interested in the following title:

(please only request 1-3 books at a time, otherwise you could seem greedy)

(insert title and the link)

I really hope you consider working with me and would be glad to hear from you in the future.

Thank you for reading this E-Mail and have a nice day.


(your name)”

address: (add your name and address, some publishers send you the books right away without giving you an answer to your mail)


Hallo liebes (Verlag einsetzen) Team,

Ich bin kürzlich auf Ihren Blogger- Service gestoßen und würde davon sehr gern Gebrauch machen. (Mit welchen Verlägen arbeitest du bisher zusammen? Liste es ruhig auf wenn es große Verlagshäuser sind) Da ich oft lieber eine „echte“ Kopie eines Buches mit in die Bahn oder zur Arbeit nehme, würde ich gerne in der Zukunft Bücher von Ihnen anfragen 🙂

Ich heiße (Name), bin (Alter) und bin (Studentin? Bürokauffrau? Rede ruhig über deinen Job und warum du Bücher liebst!) mit einer nicht ganz so geheimen Liebe zu Büchern. (Schreibe ein paar Sätze WARUM Bücher eine besondere Bedeutung für dich haben und wie du zum Lesen gekommen bist)

(Zahl deiner gelesenen Bücher) gelesene Bücher später bin ich immer noch ein großer Fan vom Lesen. Am liebsten (und vorwiegend) lese ich eigentlich (meistegelesenes Genre einfügen), allerdings lege ich mich auf kein Genre genau fest, da die ein oder andere (Genre) auch immer eine nette Abwechslung sind.

Ich führe einen recht erfolgreichen Instagram/Bookstagram Account mit momentan (Anzahl) Follower unter (instagram handle) und seit (Datum) einen eigenen Blog (namens …..) unter (Name deines Blogs) der bisher zwischen (Zahl) und (Zahl) Klicks im Monat aus aller Welt hat und (täglich, wöchentlich, monatlich) aktualisiert und mit Rezensionen und Blogposts gefüllt wird. Ich stecke viel Arbeit und Herzblut hinein und teile regelmäßig dort und auch bei ( Auf welchen Portalen rezensierst du? – Schreib es hier hin) meine Begeisterung für Bücher und würde mich freuen, wenn sie mich darin unterstützen würden. (Vielleicht noch ein kleiner Satz warum grade du der Richtige Blogger für eine Zusammenarbeit bist)

Ich würde mich besonders für Folgendes Buch interessieren:

(Buchtitel einsetzen. Am besten immer nur zwischen 1-3, ansonsten wirkt es etwas gierig und du kannst sie vermutlich sowieso nicht alle lesen)

Ich hoffe wirklich sehr das Sie eine Zusammenarbeit mit mir in Betracht ziehen und würde mich über eine Rückmeldung sehr freuen.

Ich danke ihnen bereits fürs Lesen dieser E-Mail und wünsche Ihnen einen schönen Tag.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

(dein Name)”

Anschrift: (Name und Adresse am besten gleich einfügen, nicht jeder Verlag fragt da nochmal nach, manchmal versenden sie die Bücher auch einfach)

How to get Review Copies

What should my Netgalley/ Edelweiss Profile look like?

  1. Connect as many social media accounts as you have. Goodreads? Hell yas! Twitter? For sure! And everything else they ask you to, because they can check how many followers you have all over the globe.
  2. Don’t forget to upload a good profile picture. Don’t forget you should seem honorable and not like a crazy book grabber
  3. I know how hard that was in the beginning, but request a book and read it ASAP. I am now drowning in all my review copies and that’s not as funny as it sounds. Also the publishers are more likely to give you the “good” titles when they see that your review rate is at 80%! (For example I only have 57% at the moment but still got “the darkest star” by Jennifer L. Armentrout.)
  4. Post the reviews!
  5. Keep yourself updated about the publishing dates of the books. You’ll often get ARCs and their reviews are only allowed to be posted one week in advance of the publishing date.
And here is the full form for you to copy and fill out 🙂

“I read about (number) books a year and try to review as much of them on my blog as possible. That would be about minimum (number) reviews a (day, week, month) at the moment I am also very active on my instagram account (handle) with over (number) followers, number rising I have a (daily, weekly, monthly) routine where I read as many pages as possible and therefore can and will review a big number of books yearly My followers also have a huge range of bookish interests, why I read (genre) as much as (genre), but particlarly (genre)! My Blog has between (number) and (number) clicks a month, number rising and is curated with much love and passion and updated (daily, weekly, monthly).”

The Problems when you start:

You won’t always get ALL the books you want. Thats pretty normal. Even bloggers with 60K Followers have the same problem, so no worries. It has nothing to do with your follower count, your profile or blond hair beach picture. Trust me. Its just that the publishers only have a limited contingent for review copies and only some bloggers will get them. Some with a huge range, some because they live in the right area, and some because they know someone. Yes its unfair but thats it. Also they often choose the bloggers they worked for ages with first. Thats normal because they already worked for this celebrity “status”.

Please don’t try to access like 20 books from 5 different publishers in the beginning. You won’t be able to read them all, will drown in the guilt and stress yourself. And no one wants that right? 🙂 Just be thankful and glad if you get a great book because we are really privileged to get books for peaches only because lots of people are interested in our never ending rants 😀

Thank you for reading, any questions left?

I hope you found this Guide helpful 🙂 If you have any questions just leave them below and I’ll give you all the tips and answers! Because we all should support and help each other and not hide the blogger secrets like the holy grail!

farewell witches and mages

signature Ariana

PS: If you have missed the first part of the blog series, I linked it below 🙂

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