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Every kindness is a gift.

Hello you all, again πŸ™‚ 

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I decided to make a blogpost about kindness, in a time where it is more important then ever. I’ll share and cohost this blogpost with the super nice and unbelievable talented Clara (thebookwormofnotredame) and I hope you’ll like the cooperation β™₯


Christmas is in a few weeks and the time of meeting family and friends, feeling cozy and loved is coming πŸ™‚ But not everyone is chilled out and happy about what they have these times. I am not that much into the whole Christmas business, because to me everyone seems stressed out, because of several reasons. 

  1. Everyone is fussing about all the presents to buy and give away. I also like to give gifts, but sometimes it feels like you are forced to buy stuff, even though you won’t have the money. I’ll come to that one later πŸ™‚
  2. The work. Before the holidays everyone has to work more than usual and get the last exams behind them. Some people will be stressed and super rude. You have to plan all your meetings with friends and families for the future. The shops are full and a lot of people are in a bad mood than rather be kind and thoughtful like this time of the year suggests.
  3. Some people think they only have to be nice around christmas and everything will be fine. They are kind of hypochrists to me. Being kind means that your soul is kind, and that you treat people like you want to be treated aswell.

I thought a lot about this topics and I tried to put together for you what I think, and do different about that πŸ™‚ So we made a little interview for you, to show how different or maybe similar different people will talk about the topic of kindness (especially related to the Christmas time πŸ™‚  )




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How do you spend your christmas time?

Ariana: I spend them with my family. We’ll eat dinner together every advent and celebrate christmas eve together. We are eating, laughing and playing games and afterward we exchange our presents. But I also take much time for myself in December. To let pass revue about what I did right this year and what not. I think about what I want to archive next year and try to treat myself better than usual, because wie tend to hold ourselves back for other peoples sake, because thats part of being kind. I also think how I can make my family and friends happier next year, with only one phone call more a week or a little card in their mail πŸ™‚

Clara: As for the Christmas night, I just spend it with a part of my family. We eat and talk, we laugh and that’s it. We exchange presents too but we keep it very simple! But it’s true that my mental health is never at its best during this time so I prepare myself for the big night. I organise everything, make lists of lists of lists, take a lot of time for myself and try to get in that Christmassy mood everyone is talking about.

Do you buy presents or do you maybe make them yourself?

Ariana: We do a thing called secret santa in our family, so you only have to buy a present for one person, and this person won’t know who presented him. It’s super nice, cause you can see the joy in the persons face and you’ll share a silent, hidden smile, cause you made that happen. But normally, if someone don’t wishes otherwise, I often gift self-made stuff. Like dreamcatchers, art prints I did, a little poem, DIY card and I ever try to search for new stuff to do for myself or others. You can have a look at my Pinterest Board if you are interested in DIY Tips πŸ™‚

Clara: I do buy presents and make some, but I never spend too much. I don’t have a lot of money, but I believe that a great gift comes from the heart. I love making several small presents for my friends and family, things that they can love or things I created for them such as bookmarks. I never overstressed myself for it.

Do you feel the special need to be extra kind around christmas?

Ariana: I must admit it isn’t a special need in general. I try to do lots of little things in my daily life, to make my life and others better. But I give homeless people some money, so they can at least buy some tea or coffee to get warm for a little time. I help old ladies, when their money is rolling all over the shop. I smile at at least five people when I am out of the house. And several more things, I do daily, not only around christmas. For me being kind is a characteristic, a life decision and just something you are raised with or not.

Clara: Actually, no but I feel as if the world may be kinder, which can usually be wrong. I try to always be nice, so Christmas doesn’t change anything for me. I always help people in the street, give food or money, give my notes to my classmates etc. It’s just who I am, and December doesn’t change it.

What acts of kindness are important in your opinion?

Ariana: In my opinion, you’ll never know what a little kindness means to someone. Maybe in an extreme situation you can save a life, only with being kind and lending and open ear to a person. But anyways, the little things count. Bringing cookies to university for someones birthday, driving your best friend home at 4 am when he/ she is drunk. Make a girls evening with your love sick friend. Help a women whose shopping bag was ripped apart with picking up her supplies. People will remember this, tell others about that and keep in mind what it means to be gifted with someones kindness. Kindness spreads and all of us can do it πŸ™‚

Clara: It’s the little things that matter the most. Give the rest of your food as you go out of a restaurant to a homeless perso, go to your friend’s house when they’re sick, text them a picture they’ll love when they’re feeling anxious, smile to people in the subway. A little nothing can bright up someone’s day, and that’s what I always keep in mind!

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Tips to do something kind:

  • there are often gift bags for orphan Childs in some shops. You would buy a bag and the child gets the presents to christmas, so if you have some more money you could do that πŸ™‚ Also: Ikea always has a box where you can donate cuddle toys for the local children hospital β™₯
  • But not having money shouldn’t stop you! whenever you sort out old stuff at home, you could bring it to a help center, or whatever it is called in your country, and give it to poor people. They will be super happy about stuff you’ll never use again.
  • Kindness is not only about helping, but for me it also is about making others lives better, like they change yours. So whenever someone does something for you, don’t take it for granted. Appreciate it!
  • Show the stranger the way he seeks. So often I found refugees in my city helpless, and no one wanted to help them, because no one could communicate with them or was afraid. There is NOTHING to be afraid of. They often speak fluent english and I experienced that they are super nice. And maybe you’ll rescue a strangers day with some simple words πŸ˜‰
  • Donate some of your books to a hospital/school near you. That’ll make others people day and will allow you to make some space in your room. (Clara)
  • Do not be afraid to smile to people and to say sorry when they start yelling at you for no reason, even when you weren’t wrong. It happens a lot where I live and people keep screaming at each other when it could just stop if someone dared do it. (Clara)
  • some kind words will help people, when they are desperate. I remember when I was at school, how I found my best highschool friend, because I helped her, when others were mobbing her. She is such a kind person! A lot of people don’t deserve how they are treated, so try to be nice, maybe you’ll find a friend because of some kindness that never cost you anything πŸ™‚



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