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Calm down your life – a Relax Guide :)

We all feel it sometimes.

The total exhaustion. Clouds in our brain and a hurting head and heart. Burning bones and muscles, stinging eyes and shallow breath. The humming of all the voices in our ears, wanting something from us, suggesting what we should or should not do and how we must live. There are plenty things that stress us out on a daily base. University, school, our job, children or just put in here what stresses you out – ………..

stressed out


For sure is: You are not alone. And another thing definitely sure is, that we barely have the time to relax properly. Isn’t that ironic? We need it so desperately to be able to go on like we currently do, but can’t get some time for it? So I thought I’d maybe pack together a little guide for short relax phases and a list of tips and tricks for you all 🙂 

(These Videos and Apps are mostly only for my German fellows BUT they are just examples for what you could do to relax. For sure there are a lot of similar apps and videos in your own country 🙂 )

please feel free to add your own relax tips, app suggestions and video tips!



246x0w Balloon Meditation

This is a little phone app with direct introductions and short meditations guides. The voice is calming and I try to squeeze it in from now on from time to time. I am super bad at really relaxing and hope that this can help me – even if it just for ten minutes a day.




Planning your day is essential for your well being. I am a super confused and chaotic being, but even I have to admit that with some routine the days are easier to go through. Because in your agenda you shouldn’t only write and plan your work or studies, but also your relax or sports times, to make sure that you really HAVE the time for it and not only dive through your relaxing time like a big race to your next station!



mady morrisson          Mady Morrisson

My currently favorite youtube channel and yoga teacher is Mady Morrison. She offers a trillion different yoga flows and also fitness videos AND meditation guides! Her voice is super calming and her videos are always fun to do. You’ll never feel bad if you haven’t managed it exactly like her and after just a few weeks of doing it, I already feel much better! For sure you can find English speaking Yoga Teachers on Youtube aswell that are as good as she is.


Take a break:

– eat a kit Kat. Sounds dumb? Nope. From myself I know, that we tend to stare on our phone in the break, try to get the last deadlines straight, or are pushing the last informations for our exams in. But as it is – the break becomes another stressful period with shuffling food into our mouth without tasting, talking with our coworkers about the next meeting after our break or texting our super insecure mom who asks how university is going. Stressful, right?

Your break should belong to you. So take your headphones and sandwich and go outside. Take a walk while listening to an audiobook (more of that later) and just eat, breathe and relax. Your body needs the movement as much as your brain needs the air. Even ten minutes of peace can give you the power to survive the day.



If you are like me, you carry a book everywhere, no matter the occasion. And people often don’t understand why you’d rather be reading than talking in your break or after work, but no one – really – talks to you while you have headphones on. Sounds rude? Yes maybe. But even listening to an audiobook half an hour a day will help you to click out of reality. No social media, no tv, no talking or stressing. Just listening. You have laundry to do and the kitchen is a mess? No problem. Listening to music or an audiobook will help you seeing the MUSTS of a day as an opportunity to continue with your current read AND have fun while doing it. Have you tried dancing to your favorite song while cleaning the flat? You should 😉




Gain control about yourself. If you feel stressed out, see a panic attack coming or just need to focus for some moments, use one of the several breathing apps to help you with it!  Breathing right can lessen pain (as example while being tattooed), help focus or clear your mind and soothe you.



These are just a few tips and reminders I use for myself. there are probably a million more and Id really like to hear from you, what you do to relax! 

Tell me in the comments and let us help each other 🙂

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