Blog-Mas 24: Last Minute DIY Gifts

With Christmas just around the corner, hopefully you have all your gifts wrapped and ready. But if you forgot to get your friend a gift and want to whip up something really quickly, here are a few ideas for you! Hopefully there is something for all your friends, no matter their interests.

For the Harry Potter Lover

Weasley Sweater

Any Harry Potter fan has probably dreamed of owning their own Weasley sweater, and you can make that dream a reality! Even if you don’t know how to knit, you can make a personalized sweater for a loved one.

Supplies needed:

Knit sweater

Yellow or golden yard, ideally in a matching weight to the sweater

Embroidery needle

Chalk or tape


  1. First, find a comfortable sweater/jumper. The larger the knit, the better! When I made this, I got sweaters in their house colors.

  2. Trace out the letter of their initial using chalk, or outlining it with tape. I found chalk was useful to get the shape right, but it tended to fade as I was stitching. I used washi tape to outline the letter to make sure I was getting it right.

  3. Thread your embroidery needle with the yard and begin stitching from one corner. You can follow this tutorial to get an idea of what to do! Using a duplicate stitch, you can imitate the stitches of the original sweater.

Note: This gift is definitely a bit more time consuming: the first one I made (Z) took me about 6 hours to stitch, and the second one I made (C) took about 4 hours.

Personalized Hogwarts Letter

No matter what age we are, we still cling onto the hope that we might receive our own Hogwarts letter someday (even if we’re not from the UK). Help make that dream a reality for someone!

Supplies needed:

High-quality paper




Wax and wax seal (optional)

Here is a handy video with instructions on how to make your own hogwarts letter! She shows you how to DIY your own wax and wax seal, but if you’re a stationery addict and potterhead like me, you might have one laying around. Another blogger created a printable you can use, plus alternative instructions for the wax seal.

For a sentimental soul

Personalized Ornaments

I made this personalized gift for some co-workers last year! It’s really simple if you have some ornaments laying around. I used clear ones so I could fill it with candy, but you can technically use whatever color you want.

Supplies needed:

Ornaments (glass or plastic)

Glass pen or sharpies

Candies (optional)

Rubbing alcohol (optional)

  1. If you’re using a metallic pen, make sure the ink is reading flowing before you put it to the ornament.

  2. Visualize how you would like the lettering and spacing to look so that it will fit on the ornament.

  3. Write the person’s name on the ornament! I have experience with calligraphy, so I wrote their names in a script font.

  4. (Optional) If you’d like, you can also add a simple drawing on the back of the ornament. Since I work in a neuroscience lab, I drew my co-workers’ favorite neurotransmitters on the back!

  5. (Optional) If you have a clear ornament, you can also fill the ornament with candies! I used red and green m&ms to add a festive touch.

    1. Tip: Don’t drop the candies directly into the ornament, as this may cause the ornament to break — I found this out the hard way. Instead, turn the ornament on its side and slide the candies in.

  6. You can also decorate the ornament with glitter on the inside, or ribbon and bows on the top if you desire.

(Sorry about the low-quality image! But this is one of the ornaments I made.)

For the sweet tooth

Hot Chocolate Kit

I was gifted one of these rudolph hot chocolate kits one year, and I absolutely loved it! Follow the hyperlink for full instructions.


  • 2 disposable piping bags

  • handful of mini marshmallows

  • 2 hot chocolate packets (from dollar store)

  • 2 tablespoons chocolate chips

  • 2 brown pipe cleaners

  • 1 red craft pom

  • 2 craft eyes

  • mini rubber bands (rainbow loom bands work great!)

  • hot glue gun with hot glue sticks

  • scissors

  • white cardstock

  • hole punch for printable tags

  • ribbon or twine

During the holidays, few people will say no to a good sweet treat! Below, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite holiday treats to make! I’ve tested some of these recipes myself, and they’ve been well-received. You can also check out the cookies blogmas post from earlier this month for more ideas!

  1. Hot chocolate cookies

  2. Apple pie streusel cake

  3. Peppermint bark brownies

  4. Sugar cookies

  5. Peppermint meringues

– Izzy from @izzysbooks

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