Blog – Mas 23: Christmas traditions all over the world


Tomorrow is christmas eve and I’m so excited, it’s my favorite day of the year. Here in germany we open our presents on this day already and not on the 25th. The impatient part of me is a big fan of this tradition 😀 

I am so ready for spending time with my family, and all the food. Especially the food! Did you know it’s a common thing in Germany to eat potato salad and sausages on christmas eve? 

Another tradition is, that we celebrate Saint Nicholas day on December 6th. Children put out their cleaned boots the evening before and if they were nice, Saint Nicholaus leaves them candy and fruits in their boots.


I think it’s so cool to see, that although we all celebrate for the same reason, every country has it’s own way of celebrating with individual traditions. I collected a few of these traditions to share them with you today.



Since I was already talking about food, let’s stay with this topic. In Japan it’s a common thing to eat at KFC on Christmas Eve. In 1974,  the fast food restaurant launched a marketing campaign with the slogan ‘Kentucky for Christmas’. Since then, it became a tradition for many families to got to KFC on Christmas.



The Ukrainians use traditionally decorations that look like spiderwebs for their tree. Not only are spiderwebs considered to be lucky in their culture, the tradition also goes back to a folktale about a widow that couldn’t afford to decorate the tree for her children, so the spiders in their home came in the night, to spin beautiful webs around the tree, which the children awoke to on christmas morning.



In Bulgaria, families leave their leftovers from christmas dinner on the table overnight, so that the spirits of their ancestors have food, too. This is a common tradition in other east-european controes as well.



On Christmas eve, czech single women try to find out if they’re getting married in the next year. For that they stand in front of their and throw a shoe over their shoulder. If the tip of the shoe faces towards the door, they will find a partner the next year.



Families in Portugal eat a special cake on christmas, the ‘Bolo Rei’. Inside the cake is a bean and a little metal figure. Whoever gets the piece with the bean will have to pay for the cake the next year but the one who has the metal figure in their piece of cake will be lucky in the next year.


I hope you liked this little insight in christmas traditions around the world. There are so many more interesting ones, you should have a look at them sometime. For now, i just wanted to say thank you for taking your time to read this, and have a merry merry christmas!

– Judit from @jusbuecher

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