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The Christmas Challenge – #MerryBlogMasGroup

Hello Booksters,

today our little group has a special Christmas Challenge created for you, that you can use the whole Christmas time over!

Just post a picture matching the daily topic and using the Hashtag #MerryBlogMas under your pictures, so we can see all your beautiful books and pictures. You don’t have to look at the order of the numbers, just take pictures for the prompts you like πŸ™‚

Every week we will search for the tag and give the best Pictures a shoutout! That means about 5 accounts with an audience over 6k will shout your personal picture out πŸ™‚

That’s a fun deal isn’t it?

We wish you a lot of fun and can’t wait for all of your amazing pictures!

Let us start πŸ™‚




  1. Baby it’s cold outside: Books with a winter setting
  2. Last Christmas: Favorite christmas books when you were young
  3. Love Actually: Your favorite christmas movie
  4. Hang your stockings: #socksunday
  5. Santa Clause who? Who did youΒ  believe in as a child?
  6. Jingle Bell Rock: Your favorite christmas songs
  7. Naughty or nice: Your bookish tops and flops 2018
  8. Underneath the tree: A fictional character to get a gift from
  9. The Grinch: Hyped books you didn’t like
  10. No wrapping needed: Beautiful books
  11. Books & baking
  12. Books & beverages
  13. Dear Santa: Your christmas wishes for this year
  14. My favorite things: Your favorite presents so far
  15. Christmas at Hogwarts
  16. You make it feel like christmas: A note to your favorite bookstagrammers
  17. Driving home for christmas:Β  A fictional character to spend the holidays with
  18. Wonderful Christmastime: Your christmas traditions
  19. What was your last bookish gift?
  20. Tree: Show me your Christmas tree
  21. audiobooks vs. real books?
  22. light me up: Bookish Christmas decoration
  23. Grown up: what is your favorite Christmas book today?
  24. Give me the Glam!



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