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Blog – Mas 21: Audiobooks vs. Books

So this is a topic wars are fought about. Twitter and instagram wars are real for sure when we are talking Audiobooks. I just remember an immense uproar this year when people added their audiobooks to their Goodreads challenge. People snatched their swords and went into war if audiobooks are real books and if they should be counted as “read” and not “listened to”. That escalated quickly!

I am Team “read”

Why, you ask me?

Well I’ve prepared a little presentation:

  1. You can listen to all the review copies you get ( if they are not ARCs and you have the right App) – and be right on track with your blogging. So you are buys and always driving around or stuff? No problem audiobooks cover you.
  2. You have an office job that does not require to talk to other people – like me. Perfect for killing the TBR that is slowly crushing you.
  3. You don’t like music – but Stephen King or Jennifer L. Armentrout are making your house cleaning much more entertaining.
  4. You have to cover your boyfriends/girlfriends screaming in front of the computer while shooting unreal people – just turn up the volume and get sleepy in the world of fairy.
  5. You have to drive 5 hours to get to your family on Christmas Eve? No problem when you spend this time in a shadowhunter war – time will fly, I promise.
  6. Are we really still surpressing other human beings like this? Whats with all the people that can’t really read (analphabets not dummies) or are blind? Are we really telling those people they don’t “read” because they are listening to audiobooks? – Not with me for sure!
  7. childhood memories! Whenever I listen to an audiobook I think about my first cassettes and cds I listened to as a child. Do you hear Harry Potter calling my name? – Hell yes!
  8. learning a language. If English isn’t your mother tongue (like mine is German) then it is super funny and easy to learn the language while listening to your favorite stories! You will learn how words are spoken out and how you should use phrases better than any teacher ever could make you. Trust me I learned it the hard way – books and audiobooks are the better option
  9. You are a slow reader -e eve slower than the person is talking into your ears: perfect! Now you can tackle your goodreads challenge without the suffering
  10. they are just entertaining and I remember a lot of lost time (driving to university or work, breaks with no one to talk to and boring lessons) where audiobooks can will the void of uselessly existing in-between your appointments and lessons!

The Books – No discussion here!

I don’t want to tell you here that Audiobooks are the only shit and we all should stop reading with our eyes at all! I LOVE reading with a capital L and I would never stop. But often life comes in between me and my hopes and wishes for a year and I just wanted to talk about this for a second. I didn’t had the time I would have wished for this year for reading. My TBR is so high – it might crush and bury me very soon! And it’s great for me to listen to audiobooks while working, cleaning, cooking – to get said TBR a little bit smaller.

Sure there are also disadvantages with listening to audiobooks like:

  1. never forget your earbuds – because thats when the fun immediately ends
  2. people will scare you to hell if you only listen to the voice in your ears and not the person screaming behind you eternally to get your attention and then smacking you on the head out of frustration
  3. you might strangle yourself to death while sleeping and listening to them, if you don’t have wireless earbuds
  4. no money – no audiobooks. But isn’t that always the fact in life? May money reign.
  5. to find the right App. They are often pricey and only give you one book per month and stuff. (But I will soon write a blogpost about the better Apps – promise!)

I hope you like my (for sure totally sarcastic and irony free) opinion on this topic and had some fun reading it.

What is your opinion about audiobooks? Just tell me in the comments ­čÖé

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