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20 Bookworm Problems we are all guilty of

This will be a short post with a little list I’ve put together for you all with all the problems I have on a daily basis because of being a bookworm! We all know the million things only bookworms and bookstores seem to understand 😀 So let us laugh together about the weirdness and craziness we bookworms stand for!

And I would love to hear about all of your stories and struggles in the comments ⭐️🌙 please give me some additions to the list ⭐️



1. Trying to read while eating cereals

2. buying two copies of the same book, because you either forgot you already own it, or both covers are beautiful

3. accidentally pouring out a full bottle of water in your bag and trying desperately to rescue the book first

4. losing half your time spending in a bookstore without the possibility to decide

Game of Thrones



5. falling in love with a book character (or dozens of them)

6. missing your train cause you were lost in a story 

7. buying new shelves every few month because your book buying  addiction is out of control

8. missing hours of sleep cause the new book is just too exciting (we all know this one right?)

Star Wars Reference



9. sleeping on a pile of books left from your last photoshoot

10. being broken af but needing new books! (Additional to the 100 unread ones)

The Hunger Games


11. being super weird and smelling “new books” first when entering a bookstore

Lord of the Rings


12. reading outside and being blown away in the face with pages and hair and even leaves

13. coordinating your shelves through color, so every new book will destroy the order

14. the pain of buying the physical copy to an ebook you loved

15. being invited to a cool party, but also wanting to finish this damn book

16. Taking a book everywhere with you no matter its weight

17. The pressure to discuss with people, why reading is more important and interesting for you than talking to them



18. carrying bunches of books around (even into your holidays) to take pictures of them

19. not being able to decide for only 1-2 books to take on vacation

20. searching everywhere for the opportunity to buy books



now its your turn 🙂

Please tell me your #bookster problems in the comments ⭐️






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